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Semi-rigid/flexible Assemblies

Arance semi-rigid or semi-felxible cable assemblies can be used for interconnector between Internal function modules of the devices, including Semi-rigid cable preformed with precision size and high shileding effectiveness or hand conformable Semi-flexible cable assemblies.



Cable Type Description

Semi-rigid Cable Semi-flexible Cable

1.Center Conductor/Silver Plated Copper (Solid)

2.Dielectric/PTFE(Low Density PTFE For Low loss Semi- rigid cable)

3.Outer Conductor/Seamless Copper tube(natural color,nickel plating or Ternary alloy plating,ect)

1.Center Conductor/Silver Plated Copper (Solid)


3.Outer Conductor/Tin Soaked Copper(some with FEP outer jacket)

Semi-rigid Cable Assemblies

-DC to 110GHz(1.0mm cable assemblies)

-Operating Temperature -55~125℃  

-Preformed cable,high Stability

-High shielding effectiveness

Semi- flexible Cable Assemblies

-DC to 50GHz

-Operating Temperature-55~125℃ 

-Hand Conformable


Connector Type

Connector type:  Type N 、SMA、3.5mm、2.92mm、2.4mm、1.85mm、1.0mm、SMP、SMPM, ect.


Application development——Probe Cable

Semi-rigid cable can be fabricated as probe cable to pre-stripping size and style required. 

The Probe cable ( 0.864mm dia) are available , with frequency up to 110GHz.